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extra info for sound modules

If you are looking to buy a Ghost Busters Proton pack fully assembled from a dealer who uses my sound modules, please check out these dealers.

Here is a popular light kit used for Ghost Busters Proton Packs
You will need the following switches to simulate this setup

If you prefer not to use a solderless breadboard and would like to use a screw terminal connection, I have found this connector board which was designed for a different purpose, but should work nicely. Just ignore the markings on it and follow the diagram that comes with your sound module.
IMPORTANT: the terminal adapter board is a 30 pin board, so make sure you keep track of where you place the sound module on the board. There will be 2 unused terminals (top or bottom) depending on where you insert the sound module.
Here is a nice little speaker you can use

If you are installing a sound module on a vehicle, you will still run the power input at 5 volts or less, but you will connect the speaker output to your vehicles loud speaker. Your vehicle loud speaker requires line level input, and the sound module supplies pre amplified output. So it is required to convert the signal coming from the sound module to "line level" with a line level converter. Check for the best prices of "Line level converters" I have found this one

But there are many options that might work better and cost a little more.

This is the type of battery holder you should use for powering the sound module.
DPDT momentary on(on) like this one for the Proton wand discharge button
DPDT on/on flip switch like this one for the main power switch for the proton pack.
An optional add on would be an amplifier. Like this one
 7watt mono amp ships only to the USA
or this one
 7 watt mono amp ships world wide
If you prefer not to solder and want to simply use a solderless bread board here is an option that is only $4. It has an adhesive backed bread board for no solder set up of any sound project

Here is a wiring diagram