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Sound board for props, costumes and scale models

Part Number SB4M
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Sound board for props, costumes and scale models
Sound board for props, costumes and scale models
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Upload your own sound files
Email your sound files after ordering to [email protected] . Include a text file with instructions on how you want the files arranged
Proton Pack
Includes pack start, stop, wand fire, wand wind down,hum loop, pack vent, alternate start and stop, theme song
Ectomobile siren
Siren windup, loop and wind down, theme song
20 wookie sounds on a single button cycle
Memorable phrases
All the noises and sounds an ewok makes on a cycle
all the phrases made by jawas on a cycle
Rocketeer Jetpack
Here is what it sounds like
Vader looped breathing
Constant breathing sound
Portal Gun
5 sounds from the video game

Replica Props Sound Board
(holds about 6 min of audio)
Video tutorial at bottom of this page

Upload your own sounds or select from past projects listed below in the menu above or select upload for your own files to be programmed
This device allows you to add digital sound effects to any item. Simply select the sound effects you want and upload them. We will then program a tiny micro chip and ship it to you ready to install.

Important links
CLICK HERE FOR A SELECTION OF VIDEOS DEMONSTRATING STOCK OPTIONSCLICK HERE FOR Wiring diagram,Assembly video, EXAMPLE PROJECTS and links to switches, amplifiers and breadboards
download helper for Firefox browser
Lets you save any audio file you hear
Like the starwars sounds here 
For editing your sounds you can use the free Goldwave software.
This software has a great noise filter button for cleaning up your sound files.

  • Plays up to 10 sounds with their own switch. Up to 200 sounds can be played if you want the sounds to cycle through with a single button
  • Assign features such as press and hold loop or single touch single play. Can be set to a constant loop with a latching switch.
  • Add as many as 10 switches. Switches can be push button, tilt switch, shock sensor, or light activated.
  • Runs off of 3 to 4.5 volts power depending on speaker size requirement.
  • Total chip size is only 1.4" long x 0.75" wide x 0.30" thick (0.40" thick before solder stems are snipped)
  • Sampling rate of up to 16KHz/12bit PWM out put. up to 0.5w 8ohm speaker power, Auto sleep mode to save power.
Includes pre-programmed micro chip and simple instructions. Only the sound module is supplied, you must supply your own switches, speaker, solderless bread board and battery holder. All are available at Radio Shack or Frys or at the link here

  1. Select up to 10 sound files (more if you are doing a single button cycle) and place them in a zipped archive on your computer. You will need a program such as winzip or winrar to create a zip file. Some computers now come pre bundled.
  2. Click on the upload button on the ordering page and navigate to your folder and then place your order.

By default your sounds will be programmed as indicated by you in a text file, or if no text file is included they will be programmed in random spots.
By default the play feature will be 'tap once to play.'
If you would like to assign your sounds with special features, include a .TXT file in your zip file with the following info:
  • Sound order. Which sound you want on button 1-10
  • Sound play special feature.
Sound number 1 play with push button loop. (This means if you push the button, the sound will loop repeatedly until you push the button again or another button is pressed. This is done on a latching switch such as a push on or push off. Will not work with momentary switches.) Uses for this might be for the hum of a motor or saber sound, or possibly a breathing sound or proton pack hum.
Sound number 2 play with press and hold loop. (This means the sound will loop as long as the button is held down. Works great with a momentary switch.) Uses for this might be for a laser beam or machine gun or proton thrower. Any repeating sound that you only want to play when a button is pressed.
Sound number 3 hold to play. (This means the sound will only play if the button is held down. So if you let go in the middle of the sound file the sound will instantly stop.) This is useful for a sound that does not need to play out its entire length but will play when activated; such as a saber clash or electrical discharge, or even the screech of tires.
Sound number 1 press to next. (This allows you to load up your 10 sounds but only have one button. Every time you press the switch, it moves to the next sound. This allows you to save room if you are limited on the amount of space in your project. Applications for this could be a free channel on your Radio Control droid or R/C car. Also a series of phrases for your Halloween costume. A great way to have realistic sounds in a plastic model with only one switch.
  • Unused button assignment. If you have less than 10 sounds, we can assign the empty buttons other functions. If you only have 8 sounds, you can assign the remaining 2 buttons as volume controls up and down.
Your order will ship within 1 or 2 days and will include a simple to understand assembly instruction and your sound board. There is also a instructional video located in the links section above.

We suggest a 0.5w 8ohm speaker and a 4.5 volt power source such as 3 AAA batteries. Up to 5 volts can be used.
WARNING!! do not use a voltage regulator. Any attempt to reduce voltage from a power source down to 5 volts could result in permanent damage to the module. Voltage regulators can spike and cause an over load if the regulator is of low quality. Only use non rechargeable name brand (duracell or energizer) either 2 or 3 AA or AAA batteries. Rechargeable batteries can exceed standard 1.5 volts and can fry the sound module. No name batteries can also be non standard voltage ratings. Do not use a powered amplifier that is not designed to accept pre-amplified input. Power can potentially damage the sound module if a line level reducer is not used between the module and the powered amp. Only the Canakit 7w mono amp has been tested to work with out a line level reducer.

If you use the Canakit 7 watt amp, the speaker must be 4ohm not 8ohm. 8 ohm speaker is only for connecting directly to the sound module.

We will triple check your sound card prior to shipment to make sure it is as you requested.
Customer Reviews
Rating Great Customer Service
My first time working with a sound module and I will never go elsewhere. Even after the first chip had a problem Robert immediately shipped a replacement without waiting for a return. Very prompt responding to any questions you may have as well. Great product!
  Did you find this helpful?    3 of 3 Found Helpful
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Athens, OH. - 2/19/2014
Rating Works great
Sean and I rebuilt one of his original V71 packs for author Ernie Cline of "Fanboys" and "Ready Player One." It never had sound in it back when it was originally built but on the refurb we wanted to correct that. The design is extremely easy to work with and I couldn't recommend it highly enough. What you're getting with this kit is more than a sound chip, it's experience and reliability.
  Did you find this helpful?    3 of 3 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from San Diego. - 10/17/2011
Rating Custom upload your own sounds 1M chip
Very impressed with service and support with this item, Robert is very helpful with inquiries and requests, I have already ordered one of these for my Knight Rider Replica and have since ordered another for some extra sound effects for the car :-) Keep up the good work!
  Did you find this helpful?    3 of 3 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from United Kingdom. - 9/11/2011
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